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Bee Aware, Bee Smart, Bee Safe Fact Sheet
  • Africanized Honeybees (AHB) are established in Las Vegas.
  • These bees tend to act in aggressive and defensive behaviors if they perceive a human or animal as threatening.
  • The bees perceive loud noises (for example, barking dogs, lawnmowers, weed cutters, yelling); strong odors; and dark colors as threatening.
  • If you see a swarm or colony of any type of bee, STAY AWAY.  Do not disturb or attempt to remove them.  Contact a professional to handle the swarm or hive.
  • If you see bees on your private property, do not try to destroy them yourself.  Call us immediately!
  • Since bees can be found indoors or outdoors, keep alert in any surroundings if you hear buzzing which may indicate a swarm or hive of bees.
  • Bees may build hives in such places as the walls of houses ad buildings, outdoor buildings, inside concrete block walls, the interiors of sprinkler control boxes, eaves, inside hollow trees and desert plants, pet shelters, bird houses, street light poles, utility boxes, drainage channels, debris (old tires, lumber, etc.) and formerly abandoned bee hives.
  • If you accidentally encounter bees, do disturb them.  Do not panic.  Instead, remain calm and quietly move away until the bees are out of sight.  Also, if you are with a pet, keep it under control.
  • If you are about to be attacked or have being attacked by bees, run away in a straight line and use your arms and hands to shield your face and eyes from stings.  Do not scream or wave your arms.  Take shelter in a car or building.  Don't run into water or thick brush, as they do not provide adequate protection.
  • If you are sensitive to bee stings, check with your doctor about bee sting kits and proper procedures.
  • Develop a "bee-safety" plan.  Repair holes and remove debris since they could serve as makeshift hives.  Memorize safety measures in the event of an attack.  Know the most ideal places to run for protection.  Teach your children to be cautious of bees.