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 Question:  Are there brown recluse spiders in Nevada?

Answer:  No.. There is a close relative that occurs in southern Nevada. But no Loxosceles reclusa. See publications section.

Question:  Do we have termites in Nevada?

Answer:  Definitely yes... a least six species, four of these can be severe pests.

Question:  Are the scorpions in Nevada poisonous?

Answer:  Although they all have venom the only one that is considered a problem is the bark scorpion, Centruroides exilicauda, which only occurs in limitedly in Clark County. See publications section.

Question:  Aren't all insects bad?

Answer:    No. Actually only a very small percentage(1 or less) of the known species of insects are ever pests. Most are either beneficial or cause no problems.

Question:  How do you tell the difference between an ant and a termite?


Ants have: elbowed antennae, a narrow "waist" between the thorax and the abdomen, if they have wings they are generally clear and the front wing is larger than the hind wing.

Termites have: straight antennae, a broad joint between the the thorax and the abdomen, termite wings are generally cloudy and of equal size.

Question:  How did you get interested in insects?

Answer:  I (Jeff Knight) first became interested in insects at age 9 or so. I was involved in 4-H entomology for 10 years and went on to get a Master's Degree at Utah State University. Their diversity and adaptability are what fascinates me the most about insects.    

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